Our Main Services

We offer a very specific set of services to our patients, ranging from basic hearing screenings to complex hearing aid fittings. Our patients are treated in a respectful and friendly manner via meaningful interactions. Their details are treated with sensitivity and their concerns, addressed efficiently.


We offer comprehensive paediatric and adult
hearing tests.


We offer hearing aid services to our patients, from trials and fittings to servicing.


We offer a variety of hearing aid accessories including streamers and TV adaptors.

All testing is performed, interpreted and explained to the patient by the audiologist. Following the hearing evaluation, results and recommendations are discussed with the patient.

Our main services include:

• Comprehensive audiometric testing for adults

• Comprehensive pediatric testing including visual reinforcement and conditioned play audiometry

• Digital hearing aid sales and services

A hearing test consultation generally begins with an overview of case history and ends with the discussion of obtained results and suggested recommendations. Depending on the results, the audiologist will propose different treatment options. If results indicate the patient to be a hearing aid candidate, the consult is followed by a hearing aid discussion. During the hearing aid discussion, the patient will also be given details about hearing aid accessories.


Wax Management

Earwax is a normal protective substance secreted by the glands in the ear canal. The purpose of the wax is to clean and clear out debris from the ear canal. The substance usually moves out of the ear by itself. However, sometimes wax gets trapped or builds up in excessive amounts within the ear canal and needs to be professionally removed. Causes of wax build-up include the action of sticking objects into the ears (including cotton buds and fingers). This forces the wax back into the ear canal and by continually doing such actions, the wax eventually becomes impacted, discoloured, hard and stuck. The main removal techniques include irrigation (spraying the wax out with water) and mechanical removal (removing it with little currette sticks). Removing the wax is usually quick and painless. The patient also feels a sense of relief as a wax blockage can cause a blocked sensation in the ear.

Hearing Screening and Education

At Nicola Burger & Associates, we offer school and community hearing screenings. A hearing screening is less detailed and shorter in time than a complete formal hearing test. It involves using basic, quick testing measures to determine whether a full diagnostic hearing test is warranted. Hearing screening is very important as it allows the audiologists to establish which children are at risk for a hearing loss. This is important for early diagnostic testing, detection of hearing loss and appropriate intervention to occur timeously. Undetected hearing loss or ear concerns can have negative implications for one's academic, social, emotional and psychological progress and growth.

Speech-Language Therapy

Speech-language therapy involves the assessment and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders. The profession of speech-language therapy includes professionals that are trained in techniques, strategies and intervention designed to improve such disorders. A speech-language therapist  assesses, diagnoses, treats and helps prevent any disorders associated with speech, language, cognitive-communication, voice, swallowing and fluency. The approach that the therapist adopts is client- and disorder-specific. The therapy could include different activities, exercises and drill-work to address, and improve, the patient’s presenting speech-language, voice or swallowing difficulty.

Swim/Noise Plugs

Swim plugs are custom-made ear protection to avoid water entering the ear. These are important for people who have tubes in their ears and/or are prone to ear infections. Noise plugs are custom-made ear protection for use during exposure to excessive noise; such as shooting, clubbing and noisy work industries. Both of these ear plug protection sources are important for ear health. Noise plugs reduce the chances of hearing loss associated with noise exposure.


Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a sound inside the ears when no external sound is present. The noise can present itself in different forms such as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling or humming sound and is often only heard by the subject himself. There are a number of different causes for tinnitus. Tinnitus may or may not be associated with a hearing loss and it can be very debilitating. At Nicola Burger & Associates, the patient's tinnitus is thoroughly investigated and addressed using a carefully devised patient-specific approach. The assessment involves a thorough case history, checklist and questionnaires and the treatment incorporates aspects such as; lifestyle changes, psychological cognitive-behavioural intervention and tinnitus retraining therapy.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory processing is defined as ‘how well the ear talks to the brain and how well the brain understands what the ear is telling it’. Specifically, auditory processing refers to incoming auditory information being interpreted and understood by the brain. This allows one to understand and appropriately respond to verbal messages. Auditory processing relies on the mechanisms underlying certain auditory skills, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD) manifests itself as difficulties in the areas of these skills. People with the disorder have difficulty using auditory information to communicate and learn; as well as affect the child's ability to listen, understand speech, develop language and negatively influence academic success. At Nicola Burger & Associates, we conduct thorough auditory processing assessments using different tests to assess different auditory skills. Furthermore, our auditory processing therapy is patient-specific and is based on test findings, school requirements and the individual's abilities.


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