Hearing Accessories

There are a number of different optional hearing aid accessories to pair with your hearing aids. The aim of the accessories is to enhance and enrich your hearing aid experience. The accessories help to do this by maximising on the features of your hearing aids to further assist better listening. Most of the accessories utilise bluetooth to connect your hearing aids to an external source (such as a cellphone) for direct audio input between the hearing aids and the other device. This eases listening effort, reduce manipulating aspects such as volume on the aids themselves and allows one to capilitise on the hearing aid's capabilities. Some examples of accessories include:

Remote Controls

Remote control units are typically used to make minor adjustments to the hearing aid such as volume and listening programs. These functions were previously only available on the hearing aid itself. Remote control units enables you to adjust your hearing aid easily and discreetly.

Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth devices connect your hearing aid to audio/sound sources. Sound is sent directly through the hearing aid enabling you to hear these sounds clearly. These devices can also be used as remote controls. Cell phones, TV’s, Computers, Tablets and Mp3 Players are compatible with Bluetooth units.

External Microphones

Devices are available acting as external microphone which stream sound directly to your hearing aid. If you’re having a conversation in a restaurant, the microphone can be placed in front of your partner and the conversation will be heard clearly. These systems maximises speech to noise ratio.

Smartphone Applications

Certain applications have been developed that connects with your hearing aid directly in the absence of a middle Bluetooth device. These applications allow the user to adjust volume, programs, take & make phone calls and listen to music directly from their smartphone or tablet.

FM Systems

These systems are used by hard of hearing children as assistive device together with their hearing aid. This device increases the signal to noise ratio. In some instances it’s used by adults and children with normal hearing and auditory processing difficulties.


Traditionally, hearing aids work with disposable Zinc air batteries. The latest technology allows you to recharge your hearing aid, using a specific charger manufactured for your hearing aids.


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